May 20-23, 2010, Togliatti, Russia



The Second International Forum of Design and Architecture NEW CITY 2010 will take place in Togliatti, Russia, on May 20th-23rd, 2010.

The NEW CITY 2010 forum is organized jointly by Design Department of Togliatti State University and Union of Architects of Russia with the support of Samara Region government, Togliatti Mayor’s Office, Charity Foundation “Foundation Togliatti”, International Association “Union of Designers”.

NEW CITY presents the unique experiences of local and international development councils and urban infrastructure programs aimed to support and develop professional societies. The forum includes round tables, debates, lectures, master classes and exhibitions.

The Forum’s aim is to create conditions for effective use of architecture and design in the process of social and economic development of the cities and to increase their attractiveness for investment.
The discussion will cover the modern city issues requiring special attention of state and city administrations, as well as that of design and architecture professionals.
These include:

• Overpopulation of historical and industrial centers, and the consequential collapse of their transportation infrastructure;
• Ecological safety of cities and their adjacent territories;
• Need for major city traffic and communication center constructional and engineering modernization;
• Urban residents and private & public transport;
• Alternative transport facilities and systems;
• Technological innovations and prospects.

Papers, reports, and presentations submissions are welcome on a wide range of topics, such as:

• Modern administration technologies
• modern strategies in a city development;
• types of private and governmental partnership;
• architecture and design as tools of a city development;
• public expectations of a competitive architecture and design product.
• City in the transport communication system
• architecture and transport infrastructure;
• transport design and alternative transport systems;
• visual communication and advertising chaos in a city
• organization of effective communication between architects, designers, engineers and city administration, mass media and business community;
• ecopolis instead of megapolis – technological innovations, prospects.
• Design and economy
• design as the major strategic resource of a company: innovations, creativity, design strategies;
• consumption culture transformation: consumer as a member of every business process of a company;
• “Designthinking”: new design approaches to understanding the consumer;
• implantation of design into business, governmental bodies and society;
• design for small and medium scale business.

Togliatti State University
The Union of Architects of Russia
The Samara Region Government
Samara City Administration

Togliatti Mayor’s Office

Order of Engineers of Florence


Ministry of Construction, Housing and Communal Services, Samara

Department of Construction and Architecture, Samara

Department of Economic Development, Samara

Department of Industrial Policy, Entrepreneurship and Communication, Samara

Department of Transport, Samara

Department of Municipal Services and Ecology, Samara

Department of Architecture and City Planning, Togliatti

Department of Economic Development, Togliatti

Department of Consumer Market and Entrepreneurship, Togliatti

City Charity Foundation «Togliatti Foundation»

International Association «Union of Designers»

 JSC «Primorskoye» (Trading and Entertainment Center «VEGA»)

Tourist Information Centre, Togliatti

 Automotive Federation of the Samara Region

Avtosreda” Company, Ltd

“Light-SV” Ltd.

GENERAL INTERNET PARTNER   Russian Architectural Portal

INTERNET PARTNERS Samara Information Portal on Construction and Investments Online version of the Union of Designers of Russia Official Portal of the Togliatti Mayor’s Office


Mass Media

Project Russia/ architecture, urbanism and design publishing group
Architecture and Construction Project VOLGA


Program of the Forum


Day 1

May 20 (Thursday)
Location: Park Hotel, Togliatti

10:00-11:00/ Participants registration

10:00-10:30/ Press Conference

11:00-11:30/ Opening ceremony of NEW CITY Forum







Organizers’ Opening Remarks

Forum Curators:

Elena Shlienkova – Head of Design Department of Togliatti State University, Associate Professor

Natalia Makarenko – Head of Togliatti Branch, the Union of Architects of Russia, Chief Architect of Architecture Bureau "Bona" (Togliatti)


Opening Remarks

Mikhail Krishtal – Forum Founder Representative, Rector of Togliatti State University, Full Professor

Anatoly Pushkov – Co-Chairman of organizing committee Mayor the City of Togliatti

Representative of the Economy Development Ministry.

Omar Akbar – Chairpersonof the Organizing Committee, Doctor Professor in Urbanistics and Theory of Architecture, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany. Ex-president of Foundation «BAUHAUS-Dessay» (1998-2008).

Aurelio Fischetti - Director of "ProgettandoIng" magazine, Forum patron representative, Member of Order of Engineers of Florence, (Florence, Italy)

Jangvido Breddo - Honored Consul of Italy in Samara Region and Republic of Tatarstan  
















Day 1, 20 May (Thursday)

11:30-15:10/ lunch/16:00-18:40/





1. World Network Experience in the Strategic Development of the Territories

(International New Town Institute, Eurocities, Global Cities/ Global Cities in an Urban Age, Society of Designers)
Dr. Miriam Weber (Almir, the Netherlands)

«The Importance of networks between cities (Eurocities and others)»
Eurocities Network Expert



2. Issues of Samara and Togliatti Agglomeration Formation

Planning Frame over Urban Infrastructure

Roads. Clusters. Landscapes.

Andrey Smirnov (Samara, Russia)

Deputy Head of Samara Department of Construction and Architecture, Head of Architecture and City Planning Committee, Chief Architect of Samara.

12:40-13:00 Coffee-break



3. Strategic Interventions in Urban Labyrinth
Prof. Dr. Omar Akbar
University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany
Professor of Urbanistics and Theory of Architecture, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany. Ex-President of Foundation «BAUHAUS-Dessau» (1998-2008)



4. "PGT Territorial Government Plan"

Alberto Francini (Milan, Italy)



5. JINGWU. General Plan for new ecopolis. (Tianjin, China)

Josef di Pascuale (Milan, Italy)

Architecture Company AM Progetti, Art Director


15:10-16:00 lunch



6. The Nature of Transportation in a Modern City
(through the example of the world’s megapolises and transport networks of Moscow)
Mikhail Blinkin (Moscow, Russia)
Research Supervisor at the Transport and Road System Research Institute

17:00-17:20 coffee-break




Event-based Tourism Development
Vladislav Nezvankin (Togliatti, Russia)
“Automotive Federation of the Samara Region”, Vice-president



8. Architecture and Design of Racing Circuit.

Alexander Harter, Jakub Sztur, Felix Common (Aahen, Germany)

IngenAix Engineering Bureau, SzturHartetArchitekten Engineering Bureau


Restaurant/19:00-21:00 cocktail party


DAY 2, May 21 (Friday)

10:00 – 14:00/luch/15:00-18:30

Location: Park Hotel, Togliatti



1. Presentation Series
Participatory and Sustainable Designing of Urban Open Spaces

Methods and Experiences - Integrated Planning for Acoustic Improvements of Cities
Sergio Luzzi (Florence, Italy)
VIE EN.RO.SE. Ingegneria S.r.l., Technical Director - International
Network "Eurocities", expert, member of Florence Order of Engineers



2. The Environmental Sustainability Approach to New City Design: Road Paving with Tire Recycling Technology

Luka Alfinito (Florence, Italy)

Studio Associato ANL, Technical Director



3. Specific Character of Anthropogenically Altered Environments and Their Rehabilitation by Means of Bionics

Andrey Vasiliev (Togliatti, Russia)
The Institute of Chemistry and Engineering Ecology, Togliatti State University, Director

Vlada Zabolotskih, Associate Professor

Darya Gusarova, 4-year student of Department of Mechanics and Engineering Protection of Environment, Togliatti State University


11:40-12:00 Coffee-break



4. Design and Innovations

Ekatherina Khramkova (Moscow, Russia)

Moscow Academy of Finance and Industry, the Head of Design and Innovations Department



5. Lecture

ARCHILAB of Europe as the Strategic Architecture

Omar Akbar (Berlin, Germany)


14.00-15.00/ Lunch



6. The City of Togliatti as a Social and Architectural Phenomenon
Andrey Ivanov (Moscow, Russia)
“City Planning Reforms” Foundation



7. Public Discussions
Environment of Open Architecture Spaces  

Hyper- and Macrostructural Levels (demonstrated by the example of Toglitatti)

Elena Sperk (Togliatti, Russia)
Head of “AC” Architecture Agency  

Participants: 5-year students of Design Department, Togliatti State University

Participants of the Project Group “Environmental Design”/5-year students/Togliatti State University.


17.00-17.20/ Coffee-break



8. Masterplan for the Contemporary City

Alberto Francini (Milan, Italy)

Cofounder of the studio of urban planning and design “Metrogramma” (Milan), Full Professor in Urban Design of the University of Kent and the University of Ferrara



9. Technologies of Moving Round the City Space

Aleksey Grishin (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Department of Industrial Design, Associate Professor

Valery Kurochkin (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Department of Industrial Design, Head

Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts








1. Round TableDiscussion
Agglomeration or Conurbation?
What are the Prospects for Modern Industrial Cities?

Moderator/ Ilya Yakovlev (Samara, Russia)

Science Consulting Board in the Sphere of Agglomeration, Coordinator

The Board of Civil Engineering by Samara Department of Construction and Architecture, Deputy Head

Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Full Professor

Participants/ Chief Architects of the Cities of St. Petersburg, Samara, Togliatti etc.

Alberto Francini (Milan, italy), Architect.



  • Agglomeration of Samara and Togliatti. Prospects of Samara and Togliatti Merge
  • Togliatti Strategic Development Plan - 2030 as the Method of the Future Control

Vladimir Iglin (Togliatti), Organization and Consulting Department at Togliatti Duma, the SeniorSpecialist.  

  • Concept of City Development - Model of Interests Conciliation

Vyacheslav Volkov (Togliatti), Head of Science at TSU Coordination Center of the Volga Region Cluster University

  • Projecting Potential. System of City Engineering.

Alexander Zolotarev (Togliatti), Volga Region State University of Service, Department of Industrial and Fashion Design, Assistant Professor.

  • Avtosreda:Made in Togliatti
  • Sergey Zapivakhin (Togliatti), the Head of the Company “Avtosreda”.

Sport and technical potential of Togliatti; Social significance and prospects for the further development.


14.30-15.30/ Lunch



2. Round Table Discussion
Quality of Life as a Challenge for the Present and Future of Cities

Sergio Luzzi (Florence, Italy)
VIE EN.RO.SE. Ingegneria S.r.l., Technical Director
International Foundation «Global cities», Expert
Andrey Vasiliev (Togliatti, Russia)
The Institute of Chemistry and Engineering Ecology, Togliatti State University, Director

Dr. Miriam Weber (Almir, the Netherlands), Expert of Eurocities
Luca Alfinito (Florence, Italy) Studio Associato ANL, Technical Director
Andrey Ivanov (Moscow, Russia), the Foundation “Civil Engineering Reforms”

Ekatherina Khramkova (Moscow, Russia), Moscow Academy of Finance and Industry, Head of Design and Innovations Department.


Reports within the round table discussion

Ecological City Planning and Physical Factors Influence Estimation

Andrey Vasiliev (Togliatti, Russia)
The Institute of Chemistry and Engineering Ecology, Togliatti State University, Director ·Smart Roads

Alexander Linetsky (St. Petersburg, Russia)

The Union of Designers of Russia, Deputy Chairman of St. Petersburg Branch, Informational Portal, Chief Editor

Information Platform of the City Communication Environment
Elena Ishchenko (Togliatti, Russia), Togliatti Academy of Management, Head of Design Department


18:00-20:00/Conference Hall/ Second floor




Educational Program

May 21 (Friday)

Location: Park Hotel, Togliatti


Lectures and workshops for university students presented by the forum’s experts



Joint Lectures

Joint Plans for Cities Saving. Integrated Action Plans for Cities.

Sergio Luzzi (Florence, italy).

Redevelopment of Urban Areas in Post-Industrial Cities

Reducing of pollution can improve quality of life.

Miriam Weber (Skidam, Netherlands)

Collecting and Recycling Actions for a Better Urban Environment

Luka Alfinito (Florence, Italy), Studio Associaton ANL, Technical Director


14.30-15.30/ lunch




Module Net. Macro and Micro.

Vladimir Laptev (St. Petersburg, Russia)


Special Program

Day 1,2,3

May 20-22 (Thursday - Saturday)

Location: Park Hotel, Togliatti

Day 1,2

May 20-21

10:00-19:00/ Working in Project Groups

14:00-15:00/ Lunch

Location: Park Hotel, Togliatti


Day 3

May 22

10:00-12:00 Presentation of the Seminar Results.


1. Project Seminar


Moderators/ Alexander Harter, Jakub Sztur (Aahen, Germany)

SzturHartetArchitekten Engineering Bureau







Participants/ Students and Young Specialists

Number of participants/ not more than 25 people

Selection/ at least 5 projects

Applications are accepted by April, 15. e-mail: по e-mail:


2. Experimental Project

Provocative Brand of the City

Moderators/ Mikhail Naumov, Pavel Kovalev (Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art, Yekaterinburg)




Participants/ Students and Young Specialists

Number of participants/ not more than 25 people


12:00-12:30/ Coffee-Break


Day 3

May, 22



3. Presentation

International architectural Festival “Cities”

The Union of Moscow Architects

Ivan Ovchinnikov, Andrey Asadov (Moscow)

13:30-14:30/ Lunch


May 20-23 (Thursday – Sunday)


• Special Projects

  1. Book Stall
    Books and journals on world and Russian architecture. Design and architecture publications from major publishing houses.

           PROJECT RUSSIA/group of publications on Russian architecture, urbanism and design.

           PROJECT INTERNATIONAL/ magazine on international architecture, urbanism and design .

           PROJECT MEDIA/ books and magazines on architecture and design

           CONCEPT RUSSIA/ research group

           PRO100 DESIGN


  1. Research Project
    and Roads. Three Types of a Game City as Three Concepts of Meaning, Focusing on “Postmodernist Industrialism”
    Sergey Malakhov, Evgenia Repina
    (Samara, Russia)
    Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Innovative Design Department,
    Architecture Agency “Kovcheg
  2. Exhibition
    Design Ocean
    Design Contest on Water Transport and Water Environment
    Irina Evstignejeva
    Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry, Project manager
  3. Exhibition
    The Volga Region Festival of Architecture “ARCHIT’2009”
    Union of Architects of Russia
  4. Exhibition
    International Architectural Festival.
    Presentation of the festival
    Ivan Ovchinnikov, Andrey Asada
  1. Exhibition

          Regional Contest of young designers “ARBUZ”

  1. Project «DIFFERENT CITY» (Samara).
    A model of a new city which does not have any rules. It welcomes everybody and is open for people with all their talents, weaknesses, and desires.
    Peter Danilov,
    Project manager
    Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Architecture Department.
  2. Russian-Dutch Education Project (Togliatti)
    University Campus / project of communication rehabilitation
    outline reconstruction project/ 2008-09
    Elena Shlienkova, Roman Grinev
    Design Department of Togliatti State University, Project supervisors
    Rob de Vree
    (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
    System consulting, Architect

    Festival Program
    May 21-23 Friday-Sunday



1. Land-Art
2. SYMBOL PARTY (Student Party)



Alexander Simonov




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